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The German E-money-institute PayCenter is looking for new strategic partnerships – partner’s interest shares are up for sale

FREISING, Germany, June 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — PayCenter GmbH the first German E-money-institute with its own bank code and „Hidden Champion”, puts 50% of their shares up for sale because two of the four equal shareholders want to sell their shares for reasons of age.

Since being granted an e-money licence by BaFin in 2012, PayCenter has always stood among the shades of a sparkling Wirecard AG. Nevertheless, the company has independently developed into a modern and functionally e-money-institute. With its account and payment solutions PayCenter serves more than 50.000 private customers, as well as more than 8.000 business customers.

Dr. Peter Schönweitz, managing shareholder of PayCenter GmbH:

„Our products are already firmly established on the market. All business areas run smoothly with our experience over the last ten years. There is nothing we can´t offer. Now we are looking for strategic, long-term partners with whom we would like to take the company to the next level. The clear goal is growth”.

Beside the classic private- and business customer solutions, three innovative pillars of PayCenter, which are already available on the market, will shape the future of the company and ensure the economic success:

The app VIMpay – „the swiss pocket knife” of mobile payment offers users a Debit Mastercard® to pay worldwide with all known payment wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay, SwatchPAY! and many more. With the subscription model VIMpay Premium user are provided with a low-cost and competitive bank account. VIMpay is currently available in Germany and Austria and has already recorded almost 500.000 downloads with excellent ratings in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. An expansion into the European market is already planned.

Together with its technical partner petaFuel, PayCenter GmbH is responding to the steadily growing FinTech market with BIN-Sponsorships. Therefore PayCenter offers its e-money and Mastercard® licence to other companies, enabling them to implement and distribute their products under the regulatory umbrella of PayCenter. BIN-Sponsoring is the platform for a quick realisation of FinTech ideas, inclusive krypto. A rapidly developing market, as the FinTechs are never running out of ideas.

With „Sachbezugskarte” (non-cash benefit cards) PayCenter sells an extremely fast-growing product to employers in Germany. Employees receive prepaid cards in different variations, to accept tax-free payments from their employer. Due to the technological advantage, the company is leading with regional cards.

Please see the pitch decks for more information on PayCenter and its products:

The PayCenter GmbH is a German E-Money-Institute regulated by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), which offers payment services with Debit Mastercards® and online accounts, as well as mobile payment procedures and garnishment protection accounts. Both private and business customers are served with innovative and customer-specific products. More than 45 employees work at PayCenter in the area of payment transactions and customer service.

For more information about PayCenter please visit:

PayCenter GmbH |

Clemensänger Ring 24 | 85356 Freising | Germany

Branch Stuttgart: Richard-Wagner-Straße 1 | 70184 Stuttgart | Germany

Board of Directors: Bertram Eisele, Claudio Fähndrich, Günther Hofmann, Dr. Peter Schönweitz

Shareholder (each 25%): Bertram Eisele, Günther Hofmann, Dr. Peter Schönweitz, Ludwig Adam

Amtsgericht München | HRB 194018

Source: PayCenter GmbH


Contact Person Director:

Dr. Peter Schönweitz


phone: +49 (0) 151 1133 8188


Source: PR Newswire


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